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To savour the authentic and genuine taste of Italian products, choose Campagna Food. With our line of organic foods in Battipaglia we bring tasty and healthy foods to tables all over the world. We use only selected and controlled ingredients, grown without the addition of chemicals, to always guarantee excellent quality. Eat with awareness, buy our products. With Campagna Food, cooking well has never been easier.

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Pasta and rice

Long, short, artisanal or in special formats: we have something for all tastes. Prepared with durum wheat flour and water, it has an excellent cooking resistance, “al dente”, just with our Arborio rice. Also try the already seasoned risottos, ready in a few minutes.


Simple, healthy and delicious: our legumes are rich in proteins and fibers, suitable for tasty soups or fresh salads. You can choose between different types of beans (borlotti, white, red, black), lentils and peas, ready to be used in your favorite dishes.

Seasonings for pasta

The flavor of Italian cuisine is summarized in our sauces for seasoning pasta. The bolognese, the four cheeses, the marinara, the arrabbiata, the puttanesca, the pesto: here are some of our specialties, prepared with natural ingredients following traditional recipes.


Inevitable in the Mediterranean diet, our tomatoes are 100% Italian. We have all its variations: whole peeled, peeled into small pieces, passata, tomato puree concentrates and a sauce to season the pizza. Visit our website to choose the quantity and format that best suits you.

Oil and vinegar

Much more than simple condiments, oil and vinegar are real ingredients, essential for a balanced diet and to emphasize the flavor of dishes. Discover our selection, we have 100% Italian oil, red wine vinegar, white wine and balsamic vinegar.

Starters and appetizers

To start a lunch or dinner in the best way, bring the antipasti of Campagna Food to the table. Sun dried tomatoes, peppers in oil and pickles are some of our specialties, available in glass jars of different sizes.